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Re-establishing an Audio Icon for the 21st century.

Braun Audio - On-boarding App

With Braun Audio last active in 1970s, we needed to envision what a Braun digital experience and branding would be and how that could resonate with new audiences, many of whom associate Braun with shavers rather than premium audio. It was also important to retain the Braun Design language and the legacy of Dieter Rams and his design philosophies. An additional challenge was educating users about the unique technologies in the LE Smart Speakers, including audio placement optimisation and Google Assistant integration. 


I created a comprehensive set-up App that respectfully referenced Braun’s legendary Audio history and design while maintaining the modernity of today.

Lead UX Designer

User Researcher

Associate Strategist



User On-boarding Flow


A simple 3-step process.

Helped reduce overwhelm and allowed users to understand their progress during set-up. 


Selection of speaker model, accessories and placement in home, all communicated in a ‘try-it-on’ type interaction. 

Google Assistant Set-up

Explanation of Google Assistant and informing users they will need to leave the app.

Complete set-up

Quick tutorial of the simple day-to-day interface that allows users to change placement and control treble and bass.


The Development Process

Consumer Research : Iterative Design & Testing
We conducted 3 rounds of in-depth 1:1 interviews with a total of 12 participants.

We tested the whole user journey, from mocking-up what the product website may look-like to unpacking through to installation and set-up. Each session was split into clear sections: purchase, take home and setting-up.


After each round, modifications were made to the stimulus based on the feedback of participants. With each round, the number of concepts tested reduced, narrowing down to the most suitable option. 

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Brand Messaging Testing

Understanding consumer understanding of Braun and how  to re-introduce Braun Audio after 50 years of absence.

Packaging Testing

Understanding desired unboxing experience and physical tie-ins to the on-boarding App.

App Testing

Testing different flows and wireframes to understand the optimal flow and structure of the on-boarding App.

Iterative Testing

Multiple iterations of wireframes were tested and refined throughout the latter two rounds of research. 

Braun_Screen development.jpg

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