Braun Audio

After 50 years of absence from the Audio world, Braun returned in 2019. We were commissioned to craft the App and brand messaging that would accompany a new range of LE smart speakers.

In this project I was the principle UX designer and was responsible for designing the experience of the app, exhaustive desk-based research and conducting in-depth interviews with potential consumers. 


App, UX, Consumer Research, Brand strategy


Braun Audio



The LE Speakers are unique in that they optimise their sound based on the placement. However, this needed to be set-up manually.

The app educated users about sound optimisation and used illustrations that showed different placements as selections so they could match their own set-up.

Onboarding & daily use

The app utilised two different background colours for two stages: on-boarding (black) and daily use (grey). It was also important that placement (location) settings were visible in the form of illustrations so that users could make sure their sound settings were optimised for each location.

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