Animal Diplomacy Bureau (ADB) seeks to cultivate better Human—Animal Relations.

ADB believes that is time that we begin to repair and foster relationships on a species to species level.  As Vinciane Despret has written, we need to "create a relationship that will make beings of different species become corresponding, not to, but with each other." We need to leave behind the Human-Centered narratives of the Anthropocene and enter what Donna Haraway calls the "Chthulucene". The Chthulucene is characterised by its focus on multi-species stories and practices of becoming-with.

ADB also seeks to ask the question: How do we begin to design for beyond humanity? What does this mean, and what implications does it have?

Exhibitions & Talks:

  • Mircrosoft Design Expo 2017

  • London Design Festival 2017

  • Dorkbot London, December 2017

  • SoundCamp 2018


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