Felcana DNA

Felcana asked us to explore how they could create a DNA testing service for dogs and what they could leverage as a Pet Health Tech company.

I analysed competitors in the Canine DNA testing field as well as human genetic testing such as 23andMe. Through discourse analysis, in-depth interviews and iterative design with prospective users and vets, I found current offerings falling short in guiding users through the process of doing a test and interpreting results.

The Felcana DNA app guided and educated users on how to take DNA sample, return it, and how DNA is analysed. It also allowed owners to explore in-depth the breed mix of their dog. We created a visual family tree and breed mix so owners can visually identify the characteristics of each breed and compare with their pup.


App, UX, Consumer Research





Insight 1:

Current DNA testing may reveal some rare diseases, but there is little benefit in knowing as many of these diseases cannot be treated.

Insight 2:

Owners with adopted or mixed dogs felt that DNA testing would be worth it to find out what breed mix their dog was. It's all about curiosity!

Making test results easy & reassuring.

The results of a DNA test can be overwhelming. We designed the interface so that information is clearly structured and that any disease is paired with an icon of the related bodily system. 

The tone of voice was of an expert, but soft and friendly. It is important that dog owners are reassured and informed about their dog's condition.

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