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Demystifying your Dog's DNA.

FelcanaDNA- Canine - DNA Testing Service


At the time this project began, Canine DNA testing was in it’s infancy, with only one consumer facing competitor on the market. 
The main challenges we faced were the high technical barrier to entry and the lack of research findings regarding what understanding your dog’s DNA may offer other than satisfying curiosity. We also needed to help apply Felcana’s pet health-conscious philosophy to the resulting service. 


We created a full service concept for consumer facing dog DNA testing.


The outcomes consisted of:

  • DNA Testing Kit Packaging

  • MyFelcana App & Website

Lead UX Designer

User Researcher



App Functionality


Progress Tracking & Illustrated Instructions

DNA testing can take up to 1-2 months. During this process it is important to keep owners aware of the status of their dog’s sample. This was then paired with illustrated explanations of the DNA swabbing process.

DNA Test results displayed with simplicity


We designed the results to incorporate both ‘at a glance’ and ‘deep-dive’ mentality. Owners could quickly understand the gist of the results and can deep-dive later into what the DNA results meant and how that may manifest in their dog.

User Research

A total of 4 dogs were tested using the 3 available DNA testing services on the market at the time.


After tests were completed, dog owners returned and we shared the results with them. INSIGHT: Swabbing a dog is a handful! The DNA kit should help support not detract from this experience. Dog owners often had their hands full juggling a swab, instructions and a nervous dog. DNA kits that consolidated the information and physical objects were preferred.


DRIVING INSIGHT: Owners were intensely interested in their Dog’s DNA heritage, health came secondary.


Three out of the four dogs were mixed or from unknown backgrounds. As a result, owners were overjoyed to satisfy their curiosity and understand the heritage of their dog. Because so little is known about DNA and canine health, owners were taking the DNA results with a grain of salt.


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