Niox Vero Plus

The next generation, gold-standard in FeNO testing, the Niox Vero Plus is a diagnostic tool used in hospitals and clinics.

The client wished to update the UI and physical form of the Niox Vero in order to enhance usability, test success rate and overall efficiency. Through one on one in-depth interviews with KOLs and medical staff, we were able to identify key usability issues and test new physical and digital solutions. Research was run in the UK, Germany and China in hospitals and clinics.


Healthcare, UX, User research





The physical improvements we implemented included:

  • increased stability with a solid base

  • a handle for portability

  • a quick release handle holster

The UI improvements focused on increasing HCP efficiency:

  • New test animations with a better success rate

  • Re-organisation of the home screen so important features are at the forefront.

  • Traffic light system for device consumables devices

Streamlining the workflow

The home screen was designed as a dashboard so Nurses/Technicians could quickly understand the status of the machine's perishables and choose different modes for each patient.

The new test animations also helped increase the success rate of tests, reducing time and effort spent by Nurses and Technicians.

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