animal diplomacy bureau

The Games


Birds on the Street and Birds on the Grass are augmented reality games played in parks throughout London. Players transform into birds and must survive the perils of the big city. To complete this transformation, each player dons a bird hat and is given the power of Bird Sense. As birds, Players will navigate through the city by listening and deciphering bird songs. Like real birds, how you strategize and how you interpret information will lead you to survival or death at the talons of the falcon.

Game Duration: about 45 minutes

The Goal

The life of urban birds is a fascinatingly complex thing. Birds on the Street and Birds on the Grass hope to show its players the realities of birds living in cities. The life of a bird in the city goes beyond what we normally imagine. The games seek to help players understand the stories of different species of birds that live in London and our human impact on them. Players, by taking on the roles of different birds, will intertwine their own narratives with those of the birds they play.

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