Pigeon Training for the Animal Diplomacy Bureau.

About me

The Short

My name is Kaylene and I am a product designer, researcher and play enthusiast. I am also the director of the Animal Diplomacy Bureau (more on that coming up soon). Right now I am currently studying for my MA at the Royal College of Art, Design Products program. 


The Long

I am Taiwanese American and as a result I have found that much of my life has been spent mediating between west and east and trying to understand why and how culture & narrative influences human behavior. As a researcher I am especially drawn to complex topics with no simple answer and a myriad of viewpoints. Take my most recent project, the Animal Diplomacy Bureau, which seeks to understand and cultivate better human—animal relations.

As a designer I am interested in play and how play can offer more engaging and less confrontational ways of changing people's worldviews. Play is an immersive way of telling and making stories with people. Through play we can create a database of life experiences that we can refer to in the future. So, what futures do we need? What viewpoints do we need to share, and what worlds do we want to create?


Design Researcher

Precipice Design, 2017 to Present

MA Design Products,

Royal College of Art, 2017

ZSL London Zoo Volunteer,

Thursday Team, Nov. 2016 - Present

Blast Theory, Volunteer

June 2017- August 2017

Industrial Designer at IPEVO

Taipei, Taiwan, 2011- 2015

BFA Industrial Design,

University of Washington, 2010

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