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Streamlining Clinician Workflows.

Circassia NIOX VERO- Integrated System


The NIOX VERO is considered the golden standard for FeNO testing (FeNO is an indicator of respiratory illness and aids in diagnosis). The NIOX VERO is a medical device for use in hospitals and clinics, and is usually operated by a technician or nurse. Our challenge was to evolve the current device and UI to better suit the needs of HCPs across multiple different markets (US, UK, DE, and CN). In addition, we needed to update the animations that went along with the test, as the current version had a very high failure rate. 



The final outcomes of this project were:

  • An updated UI that built on the existing UI coding

  • Multiple testing animations that reduced failure rate

  • An updated device design that is fit for purpose

Lead UX Designer

User Researcher


Circassia Niox Plus Front Cover with nasal mode_no QC 7680x4320 300dpi.png

Dashboard Style Interface

We created a dashboard style screen so that Clinicians could see all the important information about the consumables and device settings all in one screen- greatly streamlining Clinician workflow.

Before, they would have to dig through multiple layers of screens in order to check on consumables or make sure the device is set-up appropriately for the current patient. 

Traffic Light System for Consumables

The consumables all operate on a traffic light system. Allowing clinicians to quickly assess the status of the machine.


Wordless Interface for use in multiple markets

The UI was developed to be Icon based, avoiding the cost and complexity of developing multi-country versions.

Errors – Sensor Yellow_3x.png
Instrument ID – Rainbow Chart on_3x.png
Status- Handle_3x.png
Settings – 8_3x.png
Test Results - Running – 4_3x.png

FeNO Test Animations

One of the biggest challenges for the NIOX VERO is the high failure rate of it’s tests.
The animations they used were not intuitive and often confusing, the majority of patients fail the first time. 

I created new test animations that drastically improved the success rate of each test.
We based these test on simple logical metaphors, such as a gauge or a floating feather, making the process more intuitive. We also created better instructional screens to help patients understand the process.

Circassica Niox Press Inhale.jpg

Animated Instructions

Timed animations that match the script of the clinician, these illustrations helped patients understand how to do the test.

Test Selection – 1_3x.png

Intuitive metaphors and options for better performance.


We created different animations based on easy-to-understand metaphors of the gauge and feather. The gauge encouraged patients to stay in the green, while the feather encouraged patients to ‘blow’ the feather into the box and keep it there. 

Gauge - 1_3x.png
Feather – 1_3x.png

How we got here.

Device and UI Usability Testing
The first focus of the project was to develop the physical device and the UI so that it worked well within the busy environments of a clinic or hospital.

We talked to 42 clinicians across multiple rounds of research in the USA, Germany, UK and China.



DRIVING INSIGHT: Portability and visibility are key.
Through interviews with clinicians, we found the FeNO device would often move between rooms and were often held in hand by nurses during use. The new device needed a handle to help improve usability.

US Circ 04.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 16.22.57.png

Animation Usability Testing

The FeNO test is unique in that it uses an animation paired with the physical input of breath and it’s resistance to conduct the test. Basically, the patient needs to breathe out steadily at the right strength.


We tested 3 different animations with the NIOX VERO Device, so it was as close to reality as possible.

In total we conducted usability testing with 32 individuals ranging in age from 6-59.

80% of participants succeeded on the first try compared to just 30% in the original animation.

Front Cover Alternate angle Large.png.1524.jpg

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