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the meaning of Prosthetics

Transdermal Prosthetic Arm

The brief was to push the boundaries of upper-limb prosthetic design and improve functionality. 

We worked with a transradial amputee who shared the frustrations and joys of using her prosthetic in everyday life. We also talked to health-care professionals who work closely with amputees.

Our insight from research was that when you have a functioning hand paired with a prosthetic the prosthetic is primarily an assistant to the dominate hand.


The hand handles the detailed work while the prosthetic holds, grips or secures. This led to the concept of a curling prosthetic hand, unlimited by current form-factors. 

Industrial Designer


Kaylene_Prosthetic and person copy.jpg

This project has been featured in many online outlets and books and referenced in scientific papers. Controversial and fascinating, it challenged the meaning of conventional prosthetics. 

Featured in:

  • Wired

  • CNN

  • ‘Beastly Bionics’ — National Geographic Kids


Other Work

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Canine DNA Testing Service

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Braun Audio

On-boarding App for Braun's LE series smart speakers

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